Believer. Wife. Mom. Writer. Podcaster.

It all started with a childhood dream of being a high school math teacher...

Numbers were my thing: they made sense and helping others understand them was the best part. So that’s just what I did! I got my teaching degree and started my career, married my husband, and had our oldest two boys. But as my husband took on the role of stay-at-home-father, I often found myself feeling left out of the family dynamic and glamorized the SAHM life that was presented in my community and online.

In 2017, my husband moved into his career in media (maybe you know him as Beleaf in Fatherhood) and I took on the HOME-FRONT, expecting to be met with what I perceived as “the life.” Instead, I once again found myself in a season I felt no one had prepared me for. I loved my children immensely and was grateful for motherhood, but felt further from my identity than ever before.

So what came next?

Re-negotiations. Uncomfortable growth. Small victories and a reexamination of who I thought I was. As a steadfast believer in God’s divine callings, I’ve always believed mine was to make people feel less alone and more understood, so I took my gifts of speaking and creating safe spaces for others to share their hearts (whether it had been in church, school, or community at large), and turned it into a new path.

Though I’m no longer teaching math, I know there is still power in the factual, and when we share ardently about how we cope, grieve, learn, and grow throughout each phase of our lives, we are able to establish a type of community that empowers us from the inside out. I never intended to become an "influencer," but have landed in this new space the last few years, connecting with a larger community through Yvette Unplugged! and my husband and I’s relationship podcast, How Married Are You?!. In rediscovery of myself, I’ve realized what I really wanted all along was to deepen connections by wielding words of encouragement and getting vulnerable by being unapologetically myself.

Meet the family

Glen (aka "Beleaf")

My absolute FAVORITE human is my husband. He is a huge encouragement to me as a wife, mother and human. I don't want to know life without him because life with him has been the growth experience I didn't know I needed. His talent is in story telling, and I love the story we get to live and share with the world. Together we parent some of the most beautiful chocolate babies you will ever meet...

Theophilus (aka "Theo")

The first of the chocolate babies astounds us with his innocent wisdom and creativity. Theophilus teaches us to forge our own path, and tune into our inner voice. He is a friend of innovation and a brilliant little mind. He is a reminder to us that showing our true colors can lead us to new discoveries.

Uriah (aka “Riah Beau”)

Exuberance beams from the second of the chocolate babies. Uriah Beau’s boldness shows us how much light and joy there are to be found in being the most unapologetic version of ourselves. He is a reminder to us that our true colors have the capability to unite us in laughter.

Anaya (aka “Naya Zai”)

Anaya is a radiant expression of both sweetness and strength. She is evidence of God’s promises in our lives, to make us both gentle hearted and powerful. She reminds us there is beauty in utilizing our authentic selves to speak our minds.

Uziah (aka “Uzi”)

The newest of the chocolate babies is fresh and electric. He breathes new life into us and unites our family in the hue of God’s strength. He is a reminder to us of the way we can inspire others when we let our true colors shine.

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