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One of the ways I have been honoring myself is by raising the bar for #betterbeauty at Beauty Counter! Here are my top three favorites, but there's so much to get excited about when it's all clean, safe ingredients that nourish your skin well.

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My email list is how I connect with my audience authentically by allowing me to share my heart with the people who are ready to dive deep with me. Flodesk allows me to take that heart posture and easily create design that matches!

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This past year, we've realized how important it is to not just have a website, but one that reflects our brand well! Showit has been such an easy way for us to do everything we want with our websites!

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We've recently released our course: The Premarital Advantage where we teach online! It's been such a blessing to us and our business, but when it comes to choosing which platform, we ultimately knew that Kajabi was perfect for us! Their tools were easy to use and set up, and they're one of the biggest course platforms on the market! We highly recommend!

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Perfect for hands-on learning at home, KiwiCo delivers age-appropriate projects each month to help educate and develop important learning skills. Our kids are completely obsessed and we love giving them different opportunities to grow!

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Health has been a huge priority for me these past few years as I get active and focus on getting good nutrition! Here's what I've been doing in my family and hopefully you'll find something that works for you!


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